Green Valley Falls – May 7, 2011

Posted on 06 June 2011

There are cherished treasures all around us. Solano County has the unique and unexpected Green Valley Falls. Tucked in the most unexpected place, this stunning hike is a comfortable and beautiful hike to two magnificent and historic falls. The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council have worked diligently to preserve and provide docent lead hikes to this protected area. There are a limited number of hikes reserved throughout the hiking season and are restricted to only 29 people per hike.

Doris Kline, one of the founders of the Solano Committee for the Bay Area Ridge Council has over thirty years as the lead docent for this hike. She brings a unique and intimate experience of the natural wonders of this trail. The next scheduled hike to the Falls is June 25th. Reservations can be made at the Ridge Trail Council website at

The Solano Hiking Club had a fabulous experience and everyone expressed their delight and desire to return again. Thank you Ridge Council for the opportunity to see this natural wonder.

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  • Cathy Khan says:

    Hi Nicole……… I can’t get through the phone number that you provided. No problem getting photos to you. Call me at 707.386.5425……… Cathy Khan

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